"Every time Rachel thanks me for being her customer it makes me think that it is really me who should be thanking her.  When it comes to service, it's so hard to find someone who is really listening to what you want - and she just gets it right.  It's also hard to find a person you develop a connection with and fully trust.  She is an incredible color stylist, but my experience with her has been mostly with extensions.  Every time she learns of something new in the market that I might like she reaches out to me right away.  What I love about her the most is she is so fast - what takes other stylists 4-5 hours, Rachel gets done in 2 and the quality is always flawless.  I highly recommend her.  I am so glad I found her!"


"Rachel is not only an incredible hair stylist who I am so grateful to have found, but she is also just an all around amazing person to spend a few hours with!  My hair has never looked better.  She is so knowledgeable and a true professional.  I always walk out of the salon feeling better than when I walked in!  There's no one that makes my hair look as good as Rachel - no one!"