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Rachel Snyder

Hi Friend! I'm Rachel, a 30-something, boy mom living my best life.

My family is the driving force behind everything I do.  I want to spend as much time as possible with them doing the things we love to do together such as travelling, boating, beaching, kayaking, hiking (we love the outdoors!), and hitting up the local theme parks.

My personal hobbies include distance running, building my Lego collection, listening and watching all things true crime, and reading (preferably mystery and suspense).

I feel so fortunate to have a career that I love that also enables me to contribute to providing my family our dream life.

What makes me love my career as a stylist so much is the impact my services have on other women's lives. I'd like to think that in some small way I help my guests live their best life too by making them feel beautiful and confident when they go out into the world.

I started my hairstyling career specializing in blonding, but when I was introduced to hair extensions it was love as first strand. During my years expanding my knowledge and skillset with extensions I discovered the impact volumizing services had on women experiencing thinning hair. But extensions alone weren't enough to address the variety of hair loss issues that so many women experience so I sought out additional solutions. That's when I discovered Microlines which is a topper system that adds volume and covers visible scalp on top of the head where extensions can't go.

Extending my services to include hair loss solutions has ignited an unexpected passion to learn more about hair loss and find more ways to help women experiencing it.  My goals for the future are to bring in more solutions to address the different causes of hair loss and other covering options to support every unique need and lifestyle.

Now that you've learned a little about me here I hope to get to know you in person. 

I'd love to learn more about your hair and goals to see how I can help you. If you're interested in becoming a guest in my studio please fill out a consultation form so I can guide you on how to schedule your first visit. 

I look forward to finally meeting you!


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